WordBound #1

One of the first things I’m going to do is follow Kristina Horner’s WordBound prompts because they’re actually really good and already have my brain cogs going high speed. The first one is as follows:

Blogging Prompt: What are your personal writing goals for 2017, and what does #wordbound means to you?

My personal writing goals for 2017 are as follows:

  1. Write on each day that I have off from work. Trying to write on days that I work is impossible because I work 12 hours and literally only have energy for that on those days.
  2. Develop my three big idea stories more and select one to go into full development mode.
  3. Have at least a first draft of selected idea by fall of this year.
  4. Have a full edit done into second draft by end of the year.

For me #wordbound means to develop my stories more and challenge myself to think outside the box. It’s to test out new ideas utilizing the prompts and seeing what characters need more work and what new ideas and characters come out of the prompts.

I’m excited to do this! I do have several #wordbound prompts to catch up on, so expect that this week on my days off from work.


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