Wordbound #4

It’s been a while since I’ve written here and feeling inspired again after hearing about different friends’ ideas. So we’re revisiting this blog and following along with Kristina Horner’s Wordbound prompts. I’ll also continue to make personal posts as well as this blog is a good outlet for myself. So without further ado, here is the fourth Wordbound prompt!

Week 4 – Jan 25, 2017: What is your favorite word? Write a scene around that word.

My favorite word is ‘crisp’. I really like how it rolls off the tongue and is not just the word, but the sound that it is as well. Silly I know.

The crisp morning air filled Myra’s lungs as she stepped outside her home. Her bright blue eyes darted across the street and, seeing that the light was on in the upstairs bedroom, a smile spread across her face. She raced across the street, the cold nipping at her face playfully leading to a rosy flush to grow. Upon jumping up on the front porch, the door opened to reveal her best friend’s face. “Saw you coming,” Trent grinned while coming out and shutting the door behind him.

“Ready for another day of fun?” Trent nodded vigorously and Myra clasped his hand in her’s, leading him off to the meadow behind their neighborhood. Once they reached the meadow, the two knelt down and intertwined their hands. They took one look in one another’s eyes and smiled before lightly closing them and clearing their minds. It wasn’t long until the crisp morning air gave way to the warm sun filled light wind of Valaria, Myra’s imaginary world full of wonder and endless adventure.

The two stood up in the forest clearing where they always appeared after the transition. “Still pretty unbelievable,” Trent breathed scratching his head and ruffling his chestnut brown hair.

“It’s believable to me,” Myra grinned. She dug in her pocket and pulled out a light blue pencil which she began to sketch with in the emptiness before her. The crisp lines gave way to a horse, Myra’s beloved Pancha. The two children climbed up on the horse who whinnied happily before galloping off with them to the Crystal Castle.


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