Wordbound #5

All right time for another Wordbound and this time it’s a blog prompt! Here it is:

Week 5 – Feb 1, 2017: Blogging Prompt: What is something you’re embarrassed to admit you’ve written?

Oh Lord…well here we go. Several years ago I used to write Hey Arnold! fan fiction and honestly, I was pretty good at it. Writing Arnold and Helga came very easily to me and it was fun to explore their relationship and their classmates down the line in high school and beyond. It’s certainly not something I readily tell people in every day conversation, but if I can’t say it here when can I. The fan fictions are still online I believe. I occasionally receive comments on them. My most popular one was a 24,425 word fic entitled Blind Date which garnered 143 reviews. It’s still one of my favorites, too. At one point, I had planned for a Phineas and Ferb and Hey Arnold! crossover fic, but thankfully I became disinterested in writing fan fiction and returned to focusing on original projects.

Even though it’s embarrassing to admit that I used to write Hey Arnold! fan fiction, I’m not entirely ashamed of it. Writing those fics really taught me a great deal about writing and helped me to develop my own writing skills. I don’t understand why some writers feel the need to shame fan fiction writers, while not a writing career it’s a great way to develop your own skill and I’ve always viewed fan fiction as an excellent writing exercise. The major thing is to work towards developing your own original ideas that you can share with the world.

So yea…that’s what I used to write. If you’re interested…here’s my old FanFiction profile.


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