Bucket List

Here’s everything I’d like to do. Once I’ve done something, I’ll write up about it.

  1. Skydive.
  2. Fall in love.
  3. Buy a condo/townhome/house.
  4. Run a half marathon…again.
  5. Run a full marathon.
  6. Become a nurse educator and teach the next generation of nurses.
  7. Get married.
  8. Have at least one child.
  9. Learn to surf.
  10. Learn to cook well (meaning w/o burning anything and setting smoke alarm off on a weekly basis).
  11. Publish a novel.
  12. Learn to draw well.
  13. Go white water rafting.
  14. Go zip lining.
  15. Visit every Disneyland. (I’ve gone to Disneyland and Walt Disney World so far…)
  16. Eat at the following places:
    1. Blue Bayou Restaurant
    2. The Hobbit
    3. Carthay Circle
    4. Vaca
    5. Napa Rose at the chef table
    6. 71Above
    7. Scum and Villainy Cantina
    8. …to be continued
  17. Visit the following places:
    1. Heathman Hotel in Portland, OR
      1. preferably stay in Writer’s Suite
    2. NYC
    3. Iceland
    4. Labrador Island in Canada
    5. New Zealand
    6. England (occurring June 2018)
    7. Scotland (occurring June 2018)
    8. Ireland
    9. Italy
    10. France
    11. A random place determined by arriving at airport and buying ticket on next outbound flight.
    12. …to be continued
  18. …to be continued.