The First Post…

Diving back into blogging, so may as well caveat this post by stating that this will not really be a personal blog. It will rather be a home for my creative works. I am attempting to push myself to work more on my creative story ideas. Presently I have three major story ideas that have been rattling in my head for years, however I have spent little time actually making any of them into a reality. I figured the best place to get started would be to start rebuilding my creative writing muscles by utilizing my story ideas in story prompts found online each week. Once I feel that I am back up to speed, I shall work towards selecting the story idea with the best development potential and dedicating weekly time towards realizing it fully. So, guess I should at least say what the story ideas are. Here goes:


When young Trent McConnell and his family move to the small town of Sierra Falls, his world is forever changed upon meeting the girl across the street, Myra Fischer. Utilizing an imagination that knowns no bounds, she shows him that there is more to the world than his current bleak life which includes watching the progressive breakdown of his parents marriage. Myra’s imagination is unlike any other as she is able to enter her own mind and bring to her creations to life. By sharing her world and power of creation with Trent, they create an unbreakable bond.

Upon the demise of his parents’ marriage, Trent is whisked back to New York City by his father who has big plans for his life. It isn’t until after college graduation when Trent breaks from his father and returns to Sierra Falls that he reunites with Myra who is crestfallen to discover that Trent has given up on the power of creativity. It’s up to Myra to show him that imagination is one of the greatest powers out there as her the sanctity of her mind and life may very well depend on it.


Abandoned as a young girl and raised in an orphanage, Iyena Stills is an embittered and cold woman who barely gets by working in a library. A chance encounter with Marcus Camden in his antique shop and an aurorite ring he has recently obtained reveals Iyena’s past and grants her the abilities of her ancestors. The two are immediately set on an adventure to prevent a power hungry military man from getting his hands on one of the greatest powers this world has ever known.


When her mother abruptly disappeared ¬†at her seventh birthday party ten years ago, life took a downhill turn for Mallory Hall and her father who constantly blames himself for her disappearance as they had viciously argued just prior. It isn’t until her seventeenth birthday when she stumbles upon a portal that in the back of a cave that transports her to a world plunged in darkness that she begins to learn what may have become of her mother.